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Vesta Corporation is a tannery that produces calf sides,culatta sides and croupond.

The beginning of the business activity dates back to 1966, as a sole trader, named Vesta. The companies of the San Miniato area, in particular those of Ponte a Egola, were specialized since the end of the nineteenth century in vegetable tanned sole leather. Vesta stand out from these companies by producing chrome tanned leather sole, with different characteristics, suitable for the needs of new footwear and leather goods areas.

For the transformation of raw leather, we useboth chrome tanning and metal free tanning. Our structure includes all the trasformation steps, both related to the wet and the finishing phase.inside the wet.

Over the years the company has expanded its sales and product network creating the “Husky Product’’, a particular type of leather with completely innovative technical requirements.

Over the time, experimentation has become stronger and one step after another we have achieved remarkable goals. The several certifications testify a product that is free from heavy metals and with an eco-sustainable production: Adon 21 is born, certified metal-free product born from internal research that maintains the physical performances of traditional tanning, but combined with the characteristics of sustainability and respect for the environment of absolute excellence.

The products of Vesta Corporation are identificable in two main categories, one concerning the sportswear world and purely male casual, the other concerning the world of sophisticated women’s footwear and luxury leather goods.
The production capacity of Vesta Corporation is around one hundred thousand square meters per month.