Having been active for over sixty years in the leather processing industry, Vesta has succeeded in achieving a business size and production organisation that expresses the Tuscan way of combining original creativity with traditional expertise and processing.
Our leather processing methods are continuously reviewed with a contemporary approach, looking at the new trends that emerge from observing society, travelling, fashion previews and from the new styles that designers intend to analyse in their future collections. The underlying inspiration is driven by its contamination with the surrounding world, by its search for a functional, sustainable beauty that makes a leather product desirable and gratifying.
Vesta has a portfolio of evergreen leather items, to which the new spring-summer and fall-winter collections are added every year.


For Vesta, aesthetics and ethics
share the same roots.

Our Research and Development team studies the tanning process in order to develop new structures, textures, as well as transformation and processing methods for leather. Apart from exploring the technical elements in the materials, our team also focuses on the aesthetic appeal of the final product, adding effects and finishing touches that make it unique: research on colours, heat printing, laminating, glossy and matt effects, pigmentation with powders, manual processing, and plugging. Moreover, the skills of our product technicians in the Research and Development Office is made available to the brands we work with for feasibility studies and executive projects, based on concept mood-boards, photo inputs, sketches or samples from other materials, which give the eye a structural feeling or a tactile, visual feature. Once the expected result has been achieved on the leather-prototype, Vesta moves on to coding its “recipe” for industrial reproduction, in order to make sure that luxury brands always receive products compliant with the required top quality.



Stylish and multifaceted, the Vesta SS2025 collection combines the contrast between the caressing tenaciousness of nabuk quercus and magnetic royal blue eclecticism, scattered by the sudden – at times bright – lighting of honey capsules, for the iconic items of the sweetest season.

The new collection is part of the flow of expressive languages that Vesta has been committed to developing, suggesting bold changes and a uniquely fresh take of the creative pathways started with its previous collections. The results are versatile leather items featuring multiple textures and structures, arranged around three colour families: oak green, quercus in Latin, bright blue or royal blue and the soft hues of beige, which include more honey-like nuances.

Strong, resistant and oak-green: meet the heavy leather quercus items in our SS2025 collection. Nabuk and plant-tanned leather which, like thick foliage, merge into the various hues of military green, undergrowth, olive, to more velvety, sage greens, where pearl-grey stripes intertwine in lively patterns, ideal for cutting-edge footwear, sportswear items and for iconic quiet luxury products.

Creativity with a gentle touch for lightweight, brush-off calf leather, embodied through the strong hues of royal blue, with full colours – copying, electric, Tanzanite, indigo – which are made changeable by their various finishing processes. These result in stylish, both faded or matt surfaces, in bright pearling and naplak varnishing, for the glamourous mood of those who regard summer as an occasion to shine.

The wish to go beyond the timeless boundaries of green and blue breaks into the honey capsule that includes new proposals, which are substantial though impalpable, due to their lively brightness. These lightweight leather items range from soft beige to honey gold, through a formidable palette, with a feminine, stylish touch that enhances the most iconic garments of the summer: for example, nude-look sandals and sand leather accessories, with their light, natural colours. Here the laminated leather, the textures and prints are the basis for a golden opulence, which brings to our minds the energy of the season, leading us to envisage bolder, more outgoing fashion products.